Motion Control – Servo Controller for Non-commutated Devices, e.g. voice coil motors, from Equipment Solutions!

Motion Control – Servo Controller for Non-commutated Devices!

motion control - Voice Coil Motor Controller

Motion Control – SCA601 Linear Servo Controller: High Performance analog PID Servo Control law; Digital control of PID tuning parameters; Analog Position Sensor input; High current linear amplifier; RS232 interface; 76 x 76 x 25

motion control - miniature components



Forestville, CA, – Motion Control — The SCA601 Linear Servo Controller was specifically designed to control single phase, non-comutated devices like voice coil motors. It is a high performance single axis DC motor controller and amplifier system. It is comprised of a highly integrated single PC board level product with a cohesive interface and a compact heat sink.

This card provides current amplification and analog servo control interfaces. The single-phase characteristic of the very low noise current amplifier makes it particularly well suited for DC motors such as galvanometers and voice coils. It was specifically developed for control of motor applications requiring both high temporal and spatial servo precision, such as machine vision, inspection, scientific imaging, medical imaging and other business applications. This amplifier interfaces directly to most of the Equipment Solutions motor/stage solutions.

A bipolar linear or switching regulated power supply is required to operate the SCA601 amplifier. Typically better performance can be achieved when using a linear power supply. Equipment Solutions has several high-current supplies for this purpose including the SPS15 ±15V DC Switching Power Supply.



  • High Performance analog PID Servo Control Law
  • Digital control of PID tuning parameters
  • Analog Position Sensor input
  • High curent linear amplifier
  • RS232 interface
  • 76 mm x 76 mm x 25 mm


Servo Control Law: Tunable PID, Slew Rate
Closed Loop Bandwidth: 100- 1000 kHz, 500 Hz Typical
Command Input: RS232 SPI, +/- 2.5V DC
Sensor Feedback: Analog
Position DAC: 16 Bit DAC
Profile Generator: Arbitrary 64 point | Unlimited Linear
Current output Linear, 8A
Safety Protection Over Temp, Current, Position
Input Voltage: 15V DC Standard | 12-36V DC optional
Communication RS232C Standard | USB Optional
Operating Temperature 0° C – 50°C
Size: 3.0 X 3.0 X 1.0 in. | 76 X 76 25mm
Weight: 6 oz.  |  165g

Equipment Solutions, Inc. (ESI) is a provider of engineering and manufacturing services. ESI specializes in the design and production of automation, motion control, and instrumentation products including motion control components and sub systems. ESI’s products range from galvanometer amplifiers with an integrated arbitrary waveform generator, to high-resolution displacement sensors, voice coil and stepper motor stages, amplifiers and controllers.

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motion control - miniature components