Motion Control – Large Clear Aperture Rotary Table, Servobelt 350 from IntelLiDrives!

Intellidrives Motion Control Component - RTHPB 350 Large Aperture Rotary Table

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Philadelphia, PA, — Motion Control Components – The RTHP-B-350 features large clear aperture of 350 mm and provides arc-second resolution when driven from a micro-stepping or brushless servomotor controller. The low profile design is made possible by the use of compact precision bearing. The rotating carriage of the stage provides unlimited motorized rotation angle of the load up to 100kg and has large clear aperture to allow the passage of the optical path or cables directly through the stage.

The main body of the stage is made from lightweight anodized aluminum and can attach directly to an optical table or moving linear or XY actuators and can be mounted at any orientation. RTHP-B-350 stage uses belt drive with stepper or brushless servo motor to achieve high rotating speed. Compact design makes it easy to incorporate this rotary stage into high dynamics XY-Theta multi-axes stages.


  • Large center aperture 350 mm
  • Low profile 71 mm
  • Stepper or servo motor driven
  • Unlimited rotation
  • High speed 200 RPM (with servo motor)
  • Home switch
  • Up/Down motor mount option


Parameter Unit RTHP-B-350
Rotation range deg Continuous 360O
Resolution Arc-sec 10
(Note1) Deg 0
Max speed RPM 100 RPM (with stepper)
(Note 2) 200 RPM (with servo)
Repeatability (unidirectional) Arc-sec 20
Run-out axial/radial micron 30
Axial load capacity Kg 100
Stage weight Kg 8
Motor type Stepper motor (standard)
Servo motor (optional)
Drive mechanism Motorized belt drive
Transmission ratio Motorized belt drive
Home sensor Open collector, 20 mA, 5VDC
Construction Anodized Aluminum

Intellidrives Motion Control Component - RTHPB 350 Large Clear Aperture Rotary Table-Drawing

About IntelLiDrives

IntelLiDrives, Inc. manufactures linear actuators, XY tables and rotary tables for the industry, government, science and research institutions around the world. Our precision rotary actuators, XY stages and linear actuators are used in the applications in medical devices, life sciences, semiconductor and electronic assembly manufacturing, data storage, laser processing, military/aerospace, photonics, automotive and test assembly, research and development and other industries requiring high precision and throughput motion control solutions.

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Motion Control – Integrated StepSERVO™ Motors Are Available from Electromate!

Automation – Integrated Step Motors fAutomation - Integrated Stepper Motors Available from Electromateuse step motor plus drive and control components into a single device. Integrated steppers offer a space-saving design that reduces wiring and saves on cost over separate motor and drive components.

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Woodbridge, Ontario, Canada — Automation motion control – Integrated Stepper Motors – Ideally suited for applications such as packaging and labeling, automated test and measurement, automated assembly and life sciences, StepSERVO™ motors from Applied Motion Products provide the next evolution integrated step motor technology. Starting with a proven integrated motor design, we add a high-resolution incremental encoder and closed-loop servo firmware to create a motor that offers the best step motor performance available today. StepSERVO™ motors offer the same high-torque-at-low-speed and excellent holding torque characteristics of open loop stepping motors with the advantages of true closed-loop control. These advantages include the ability to create peak torques from the motor up to 50% higher than the normal torque range of the same step motor running open loop. Closed-loop also means the motor only draws current when it needs it, so step motors now run cooler than ever before.

StepSERVO™ motors feature:

  • NEMA frame size 17, 23 and 24. StepSERVO motors utilize 5000 line incremental encoders (20,000 counts/rev)
  • NEMA frame size 11. StepSERVO motors utilize 1024 line incremental encoders (4,096 counts/rev)
  • Closed-loop servo control using high torque step motors
  • High acceleration for faster machine cycles and greater productivity
  • Energy efficient, cool running
  • All-in-one compact solution
  • IP65 versions for wet and dusty environments
  • Stand-alone operation (stored Q programming)
  • EtherNet/IP industrial networking option
  • CANopen fieldbus option
  • Modbus RTU option for easy PLC/HMI connection

Click on the following link to view a YouTube Video on the StepSERVO™ integrated stepper motor.StepSERVO™ integrated stepper motors

There are three types of StepSERVO™ to choose from:

SSM integrated steppers feature:

Motion Control SM Integrated Stepper Motors Available from Electromate

  • NEMA 23 frame size motors
  • Ethernet (RJ-45) port for programming
  • EtherNet/IP industrial networking standard
  • Three motor lengths (stack lengths) available to provide the highest amount of torque in the shortest motor possible

TSM integrated steppers feature:

Motion Control TSM Integrated Stepper Motors Available from Electromate

  • NEMA 11 (New!), NEMA 17 and NEMA 23 frame size motors
  • RS-232 or RS-485 port for programming and streaming commandsApplied Motion Products TSM11-1
  • Control options including CANopen fieldbus control, digital step & direction control, analog velocity mode, streaming commands and stand-alone operation using stored Q programs.
  • Three motor lengths available in each frame size to provide the highest amount of torque for each length

TXM integrated steppers feature:

Motion Control TXM Integrated Stepper Motors Available from Electromate

  • IP65 rated for wet and dusty environments
  • NEMA 24 frame size motors
  • RS-232, RS-485 or Ethernet port (M12) for programming, streaming commands and fieldbus/networking
  • Control options include CANopen fieldbus control, EtherNet/IP industrial networking, digital step & direction control, analog velocity mode, streaming commands and stand-alone operation using stored Q programs.
  • Two motor lengths available to provide both a lower torque and a higher torque option depending on application requirements

The family of Integrated Stepper Motors Available from Electromate can be viewed at:

For further information on this new product or others in our extensive product portfolio, call 1-877-SERVO99 FREE (737-8699) or e-mail Warren Osak or visit Electromate at:

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Motion Control – Application – 3-D Laser Scanner Uses JVL’s MAC Motors!

Motion Control Application –

Scantech´s newest portable 3-D scanner utilises 2 JVL MAC motors

Servos from JVL used in 3D Scanner

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Birkerød, Denmark and Morrow, OH (USA) — Motion Control Application – Laser scanning is used to measure an object by scanning it with a laser and digitalising the data. Using this information, it is possible to copy or modify the scanned object in various ways using Scantech´s CAD/CAM system CARSO. The scanner system is used for restoration work, scaling models, and creating industrial moulds. For example, it is possible to scan a marble figure that is deteriorating, and use the CAD/CAM system and a 3-D lathe to produce a true copy of the pristine original. It is thus possible to save a lot of manual work.

Servos from JVL used in 3D Scanner

Mounted directly on a CNC machine, Scantech´s 3D laser scanners make the CNC an effective copying machine. Scantech´s products are fully compatible with all modern CNC machines, and increase both the machine’s productivity and potential.

Typical applications are in the stone and wood carving industries, but also in the foam and footwear industries and in the manufacture for example of industrial moulds. The machines are sold directly to well-known machine manufacturers throughout the world.


Servos from JVL used in 3D Scanner

The new St 400 scanner is a portable scanner that can be used anywhere. For motion control in the x- and y axes, Scantech chose JVL´s MAC motor MAC140-A1 with MAC00-B1 modules, owing to their compact design with motor, encoder, driver, and controller integrated in the same unit. The 2 MAC motors are connected to the same RS485 interface and are controlled via serial commands from a PC. JVL´s Active X (OCX) is used as the driver between Scantech´s C++ software and the MAC motors.

More information about:

Integrated Servo Motors MAC050-141Click Here

Expansion Module MAC00-B1Click Here

MacComm OCX FileClick Here

About JVL – JVL is recognized as a world leader for its development of efficient and compact integrated motors for VAC and VDC. MAC motor series of integrated VAC servo motors (up to 4500W and 13,5kW peak), and the QuickStep integrated stepper motors (up to 25Nm). Both the servomotor and stepper motor series includes the controller, PLC, encoder, power supply and bussystem integrated into one compact unit. All industrial Ethernet protocols like Profinet, EtherCAT, Ethernet/IP, Modbus TCP, Powerlink, Sercos III etc. are available. Furthermore, traditional modules likeCANopen, DeviceNet, Profibus, Nano PLC, RS232/RS485/USB, Process Control can be incorporated.

JVL has more than 25 years of motion control experience and enjoys a reputation for the development of highly specialized integrated motors with industrial Ethernet and customized improvements. They work together with their customers and representatives to find an economic, yet technically advanced solution to complicated control applications.

JVL’s wide selection of quality products for motion control components include: Integrated VAC and VDC Servo motors, Integrated Stepper motors, VAC Servo motor controllers, Motor drivers (Stepper, VAC and VDC), Brakes, Gears, and HMI Modules.

JVL USA • Att: Mike Fisher • National Sales Manager
8610 Morrow-Rossburg Rd • Morrow • OH 45152-9444
E-mail: • Tel.: 513/877-3134 •Tel.: 513/282-0888 (Tech Support Line) •
Fax: 513/877-2471•
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USA and Canada – Reps & Distributors: – Click Here


All Other Countries:

Further information can be obtained from:

JVL Industri Elektronik A/S

Blorkken 42, DK 3460, Birkerød, Denmark

E-mail: Tel.: +45 4582 4440 ; Fax.: +45 4582 5550 ;

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Motion Control – Steinmeyer’s Premium Ball Screws for Linear Actuators!

Steinmeyer Ball Screw for Linear Actuators

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BURLINGTON, MA –Motion Control – Steinmeyer, Inc. a global manufacturer of precision ground ball screws, introduces a new ball screw line for linear actuators. This product line is specifically engineered for low duty cycle applications of linear actuators.

Steinmeyer ground ball screws have served the demanding requirements of machine tool applications for years. They have delivered precision positioning under high loads and high duty cycles. Now for the first time, a product line engineered for low duty cycle applications of linear actuators is available. Not only do Steinmeyer’s premium ball screws reach high thrust requirements, but they also offer long service life, low maintenance, and unmatched reliability

“Leading machine tools manufacturers have long relied on Steinmeyer ground ball screws for high speed and precise positioning,” states Bruce Gretz, Executive Vice President of Steinmeyer, Inc. “The new line gives designers of low duty applications a superior option.”

Steinmeyer ball screws for actuators are offered in a wide range of diameter, leads, and nut configurations. They have been meticulously designed and manufactured to deliver world-class performance in any linear actuator application. The screws features dynamic load capacity of up to 1,400 kN and may be specified up to 100% of DLC. Rolled versions are also available upon request for more economical solutions.

For more information on Steinmeyer premium ball screws please contact our engineers at

Steinmeyer is the world’s longest continuously-operating manufacturer of commercial ball screws. In the realm of linear motion control, our company has become synonymous with precision, innovation, and exacting standards of quality. Steinmeyer’s extensive product line is used widely in drive systems for industrial machines as well as precision positioning in optical instruments, medical devices, and other mechatronic applications.

The Steinmeyer group is comprised of two manufacturing divisions located in Germany. August Steinmeyer GmbH & Co. KG (located in Albstadt) has been setting standards for high precision ball screws for over 40 years and prides itself on high quality, innovative designs to meet demanding customer requirements. Our Feinmess Dresden (FMD) division has been producing an extensive line of high precision positioning systems for well over 130 years.

For further information on Steinmeyer’s extensive product portfolio, call 1-781-273-6220 or e-mail John Skaltsas at or visit the Steinmeyer FMD group at:


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Linear Motion Control – Linear Motors: How Do They Work?

What is a Linear Motor?




1-Axis Motion Controller with internal 800W sine drive from Galil!

Motion Control 800w sine controller from Servo2Go




Greenville, DE — Motion Control – The DMC-30012 Series is Galil’s latest generation single-axis motion controller. It uses a 32-bit RISC processor to provide higher speed than older models. The DMC-30012 features an internal 800-Watt brushless sine drive which minimizes space, cost and wiring. The motion controller operates stand-alone or can be networked to a PC via Ethernet.

Features include:

  • Single-axis motion controller with on-board 800 W brushless sinusoidal servo amplifier; 10 A cont.,15 A peak at 20-80 VDC rated
  • Two daisy-chainable Ethernet 100 Base-T ports. One 115kbaud RS232 port
  • Ethernet supports multiple masters and slaves. TCP/IP, UDP and Modbus TCP master protocol for communication with I/O devices
  • Encoder feedback up to 15 MHz. Quadrature standard; SSI and BiSS encoder option. Main and auxiliary encoder inputs
  • Encoder feedback up to 15 MHz. Quadrature standard; SSI and BiSS encoder option. Main and auxiliary encoder inputs
  • Optically isolated forward and reverse limit inputs and homing input 8 uncommitted, isolated inputs and 4 isolated outputs
  • High speed position latch and output compare
  • 2 uncommitted analog inputs and 1 uncommitted analog output

Information on the DMC-30012 Motion Controller can be viewed at:

These and other Motion Control Products are available through

For further information on this new product or others in our extensive product portfolio, call 1- 877-378-0240 FREE or e-mail Warren Osak or visit at:


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Motion Control – Hand Brake for Minute Man Self-Lubricating Bearing Pillow Block Assemblies!

Motion Control Component - LM76-NEW!

Motion Control LM76 - Locking Pillow Block















Linear Motion Control – NEW Hand Brake for Minuteman Self-Lubricating Pillow Block Assemblies!

Linear Motion Control – NEW Hand Brake for Minuteman Self-Lubricating Pillow Block Assemblies allows you to lock a pillow block or carriage plate in position. This is a very secure motion control Hand Brake that compresses the bearing without permanently deforming the bearing ID. Available on both open and closed pillow blocks.

Linear Motion Control - LM76 Minute Man Logo











For More Information about Minute Man Linear Bearings Click Here!

About LM76 –

Founded in 1976, LM76 has been a leading designer/manufacturer of linear bearings, slides and linear motion systems. LM76 is renowned for its industry leading Minuteman PTFE Composite linear bearings. LM76 is a leading supplier of precision linear shafting: RC60, 300 Series Stainless Steel, and ceramic-coated aluminum shafting. LM76 also offers several FDA/USDA compliant linear bearings and slides for the food processing, pharmaceutical, medical, and packaging industries.

For additional information contact Mike Quinn at: LM76, 140 Industrial Dr., E. Longmeadow, MA 01028; Telephone: 413-525-4166, Fax: 413-525-3735 or or visit the website at

Motion Control – Maxon Sets New Standards in Micro Drives!

Motion Control –High Performance Drive in a Small Package!

Motion Control – Maxon’s smallest DC brushless motor is only four millimeters in diameter and comes in two different lengths. Certified in accordance with ISO 13485, the new brushless micro drive is ideal for medical applications.

Motion Control Maxon EC4 motor for medical applications

Maxon Logo


Fall River, MA — Motion Control — The EC 4 brushless DC motor is maxon motor’s ultra-compact solution to the market needs. As the smallest micromotor to come from the Swiss manufacturer, the EC 4 is only four millimeters in diameter. It is available in two lengths, with power ratings of 0.5 and 1 W. Equipped with an ironless maxon winding, the EC 4 stands out for its robust design, high power density, and energy efficiency.

Maxon has the matching gearhead

Maxon motion control EC4 micro motor

Combined with the GP 4 planetary gearhead, the EC 4 becomes a compact drive for use in micropumps, analytic and diagnostic devices, and laboratory robots. Precise and reliable, it can adjust lenses, dispense fluids, or position sensing devices. All units meet the ISO 13485 medical standard, which makes this maxon micro drive the perfect choice for applications in medical technology.

Maxon offers a complete line of dc motors, gearheads and controllers. Contact us to help find the right solution for your application.

Comprehensive documentation and software are included with every delivery, and are also available for you to download from our website at

Motion Control – Low Cost, High Precision XYZ and θ Alignment Stages!

OES Manual XYZ & Theta Stage

OES Logo

Van Nuys, CA – Motion Control – Optimal Engineering Systems’ (OES) manual XYZ and θ (theta) stages are designed for high precision alignment applications. Available in three standard models, these stacked, crossed roller stages move in XY and Z linear axes, and have a θ (theta) or rotary top stage. Three standard models (MXYZAR38-A, MXYZAR60-A, MXYZAR85-A) have X and Y axis linear travels from the center line of +/- 6.5 mm (+/- 0.256 in.), +/- 6.5 mm (+/- 0.256 in.), and +/- 12.5 mm (0.429 in.), and a Z axis travel of +/- 3 mm (+/-0.118), +/- 5 mm (+/- 0.197 in), and +/- 5 mm (+/- 0.197 in). Applications for these high precision manual stages include: Gauging and gauging instrumentation, fine tuning of optical instruments, machine tools, micro assembly, micro machining, and alignment operations when parallelism, flatness, and accuracy are required.

These compact, black anodized stages measure just 96.25 mm (3.789 in.) wide, 88.75 mm (3.494 in.) deep, by 100 mm (3.957 in.) high (MXYZAR38-A), 117.5 mm (4.626 in.) wide, 109 mm (4.291 in.) deep, by 119.5 mm (4.705 in.) high (MXYZAR60-A), and 160.5 mm (6.319 in.) wide, 150 mm (5.906 in.) deep, by 120 mm (4.724 in.) high (MXYZAR85-A), and rotary table diameters are 38 mm (1.496 in.), 60 mm (2.362 in.), and 85 mm (3.346 in.), and they have load capacities of 0.9 kg (1.98 lb), 3 kg (6.61 lb), and 2.5 kg (5.51 lb) respectively. Additionally, XYZ and θ (theta) manual stages can be ordered with linear encoders and digital readouts, or customized to meet specific requirements.

About OES – Optimal Engineering Systems, Inc. (OES) is a manufacturer of motion control products including: Stepper motor controllers and drivers, solenoid electronics, and positioning stages and slides. Applications include: Animation, automated assembly systems, automation, CNC machines, flight simulation, inspection systems, linear and rotary stages, machine tools, medical devices, motion control camera boom systems, optical comparators, CMMs, pan-tilt gimbals, PCB assembly & inspection, pick-and-place, positioning stages, robotics, scanners, security cameras, telescope drive mechanisms, time-lapse photography and winders

Some of the industries OES serves are: Aerospace, Astronomy, Chemical, Communications, Educational Institutes, University, Colleges, Government Agencies, National Labs, Manufacturing, Medical, Metrology, Military, Motion Control, Museum, News Agencies, Semiconductor and Test Equipment. Optimal Engineering Systems, Inc’s. competitive advantage is its state-of-the-art in-house manufacturing facility in North America enabling OES to supply clients with custom designed orders or high volume just-in-time deliveries advantage is its state-of-the-art in-house manufacturing facility in North America enabling OES to supply clients with custom designed orders or high volume just-in-time deliveries globally.

For additional information contact Customer Service at Optimal Engineering Systems, Inc. (OES) , 6901 Woodley Ave, Van Nuys, CA 91406; Tel: 888-7071-1826, +1 (818) 222-9200, E-Mail: or visit the website at

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Motion Control – The Maxon GP 6 S Miniature Spindle for Linear Positioning Tasks!

The Motion Control GP 6 S micro spindle gear has a diameter of six millimeters now also available in a metal version to provide a spindle drive with optimized value.

 motion control - Mazon Spindle Drive

Motion Control Maxon Logo

Fall River, MA – Motion Control – Spindle drives are the perfect solution for linear positioning systems, lens adjustment, or syringe pumps. If the drive also has to be compact, then maxon motor’s GP 6 S spindle gear is the perfect choice. To provide a cost-effective alternative to the ceramic version, it is now also available with a metal spindle.

Combinations with maxon DC motors

The GP 6 S spindle gear is suitable for a wide variety of linear drive solutions. The maximum feed velocity is 15 mm/s, at a force of 10 N. Integrated ball bearings ensure that this drive stands up to high axial loads. The gear easily combines with the maxon DC brushed motor (RE 6) and DC brushless motor (EC 6).

More data and details about the new metal version of the GP 6 S spindle gear are available online

Comprehensive documentation and software are included with every delivery, and are also available for you to download from our website at

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