Motion Control System for Semiconductor Manufacturer Withstands Corrosive Vapors In Plating Operation!

Motion Control System from LM76 for corrosive Plating Line


Motion Control – The above twin Linear slide system was designed for a large manufacturer of semiconductors. The vapors from a plating operation were so corrosive that linear components were failing within months of installation. LM76 designed a system which was predominately stainless while some components were nickel plated. LM76’s polymatrix, ball screw nut was a major improvement over a competitor’s system which employed a standard re-circulating ball nut.

Linear Bearings:
Special Plated, Lubrication Free, High Temp, Angular Contact Ball Bearings
Shafting: 304 Stainless with a Proprietary Hard Chrome Finish

Motion Control Ball Screw from LM76
LM76 supplied this system complete with drive kit and motors.

Motion Control SS Lead Screw and Polymatrix Nut from LM76

Motion Control System features Stainless Lead Screw and Polymatrix nut

LM76 employs our special
Polymatrix Screw/Nut assembly
in our stainless steel linear slides.
Our Polymatrix Nuts offer the following
advantages overtraditional plastic
and ball nuts:

1. Extremely Hard
2. Will not imbed, include material
3. Will not absorb liquids
4. Higher Load Capacity
5. No debris or mechanical failure
mode( lost balls ).

Founded in 1976, LM76 has been a leading designer/manufacturer of motion control linear bearings, slides and linear motion systems. LM76 is renowned for its industry leading Minuteman Teflon® Composite linear bearings. LM76 is a leading supplier of precision linear shafting: RC60, 300 Series Stainless Steel, and ceramic-coated aluminum shafting. LM76 also offers several FDA/USDA compliant linear bearings and slides for the food processing, pharmaceutical, medical, and packaging industries.

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