Closed-Loop Motion Control Linear Stage with Integrated Stepper Motor+Encoder+Controller

Servo2Go - Motion Control Belt Driven Stage from Zaber


Greenville, DE — — has just added Zaber’s A-BLQ-E Series Closed-Loop Motion Control Belt-Driven Linear Stages with Integrated Stepper Motor/Encoder/Controller to its broad range of high performance cost effective linear slide and actuator family.

Zaber’s A-BLQ-E series products are computer controlled belt-driven linear stages with integrated stepper motors and controllers. A built-in rotary encoder allows closed-loop operation with slip/stall recovery features. They are stand-alone devices requiring only a standard 48 volt power supply for operation. A knob at the end of the stage permits smooth manual control; press and hold to switch between velocity and displacement mode and turn to move the stage.

The stages connect to the RS-232 port of any computer and can be daisy-chained with up to 254 A or T-series devices per chain. Convenient 6-pin mini din cables on the unit allow for direct interconnection between units in close proximity. For longer distances, standard cable extensions can be used.

With travel lengths up to 2.1 m, and a maximum speed of 2.0 m/s, A-BLQ-E stages are perfect for rapid positioning over large distances. Their high load capacity and excellent torsional stiffness make them suitable for large payloads, while 10 µm repeatability allows these stages to be used for precise positioning as well.


• 70, 145, 295, 445, 595, 1045, 1495, 2095 mm travel

• Up to 2 m/s speed, 18 N thrust, and 20 kg load capacity

• Encoder position feedback with slip/stall detection & automatic recovery

• Built-in controller daisy chains with other A and T-series products

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