Motion Control Low Inertia DC Motor with Integral Tachometer and Speed Reducer

Motion Control - Low Inertia Motor from Island Components

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Bohemia, NY — This motion control motor assembly is designed for continuous duty in an underwater gyroscope. It is 8 inches long, six inches diameter and weighs 30lb. maximum. It is corrosion-resistant and can be designed for seawater resistance. It operates in temperatures from minus 30?C to +90?C. Output torque is 620 in.lbs., and speed 20 rpm. Tachometer output is 6 volts per 1,000 rpm.

The motors are used in inertial navigation systems on ships, aircraft and submarines, in unmanned aerial vehicles, in aircraft and anti-aircraft gun sights and a variety of other shipboard and land applications:

  • electro-optical tracking and fire-control systems
  • laser range finders and surveillance radar systems
  • submarine radar modules for housing and control of navigation and/or radars
  • optical sights for a wide variety of armored vehicles, and
  • custom-designed electric drive systems and propulsion drives.

The Island Components brushless dc motors catalog features designs with DC voltage from 22 to 592; output power from 0.01 to 16.8 hp; continuous torque 0.11 to 16.8 in. lbs.; diameter/width from 0.8 to 11 inches; and shaft speed from 180 to 125,000 rpm. However, our actual range is much wider than shown in our catalogs and most of our products are made to order, usually as variations of our standards to meet specific customer requirements. Our motor controllers cover a correspondingly wide electrical range and may be packaged within the motor frame or externally. Supply voltage may be as high as required by the application, with typical aircraft transients and EMI requirements. We have exceptional skill in analog or digital control.

Island Components provide the basic components: motors and drive systems, feedback sensors, gearheads, clutches and brakes, and electronics for sophisticated higher-order assemblies and actuators, including rotary and electromechanical actuators, man-machine command systems and complete motion control servo systems. We offer optimal product design, quality, reliability and integrity on all of our components, from our DC brushless motors to hall sensor controllers, and more.

Their electromechanical, magnetic and electronic engineers have decades of experience in designing complex electronic motion control packages, including actuators and electronics for many of the target drones that are used today and the electronics design and electromechanical design of fin positioning and propulsion drives for underwater vehicles. Members of our research and development staff have published technical articles in motor design, magnetics and electronics and have several patents in motor design.

For additional information contact Roy A. Koch at Island Components Group, 340-A Central Avenue, Bohemia, NY 11716, Tel: 631-563-4224, Fax: 631-563-4363, E-Mail: or visit our website at