Maxon’s Motion Control Sterilizable Motors EC 5 and EC 13 – Small, Precise and Incredibly Fast!

Maxon Motion Control Sterilizable MotorsFor the use in high speed medical applications of up to 90 000 rpm, maxon motor launches the two sterilizable drives “EC Size 5 sterilizable” and “EC 13 sterilizable”. They are designed for the use with or without the specially matched planetary gearheads. Stand-alone or as motor/gearhead combination; either way, the drives are characterized by their high nominal speed, an extremely low-noise and low-vibration operation, marginal thermal emission and small size. Small, precise and incredibly fast. Or, in other words: EC Size 5 sterilizable / GP Size 5 M and EC 13 sterilizable / GP 13 M.

Fall River, MA –The drives are identical and possess equal performance data and characteristics. As far as their outer dimensions are concerned, they aim for different target markets: Thus, motor and gearhead of Size 5 variant possess dimensions in U.S. Customary Units resulting in an outside diameter of ؽ inch and a shaft of Ø0.125 inch. The motor has a so-called “Servo Mount”, a well-established type of motor fixation.

The EC 13 / GP 13 variant’s home however is the metric system, which results in an outer diameter of Ø13 mm, a Ø3 mm shaft and a flange with 3 face side threads.

Despite their “personalized outer wrapping”, the two drives are characterized by their similarities: A particularly for medical technology adapted, compact design with very high nominal speed, quiet running, minimized thermal emission and sterilizability of typically 500 autoclave cycles. Both motors are available either equipped with Hall sensors or sensorless as well as with three different windings. The gearheads come with versions with one, two or three stages as well as with or without output end shaft sealing.

Comprehensive documentation and software are included with every delivery, and are also available for you to download from our website at