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Motion Control – CERAMICSPEED Bearing Units Are FDA Compliant!

Motion Control – Ceramic Radial Bearings are FDA Compliant

motion control radial bearings
motion control - lm76



E. Longmeadow, MA – LM76 is continuing to expand its FDA compliant radial and linear bearing product lines. CERAMICSPEED Bearing Units are the latest additions. Bearings used in the food and beverage industry have to be reliable, easily cleaned, and require only minimal maintenance. CERAMICSPEED Bearing Units featuring FDA-approved Si3N4 (Silicon Nitride) balls have extremely long service life as Si3N4 balls are 2 times harder than steel balls and 4 times smoother. This means, CERAMICSPEED Bearing Units handle higher loads with less friction, resulting in longer life of the balls and the race.

Motion Control – Large Open Aperture XY Alignment Stages Feature: High Resolution and High Repeatability!

Motion Control – Open Aperture XY Alignment Stage

motion control - alignment stage

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Van Nuys, CA – — Motion Control – New high resolution and high repeatability Alignment Stages have been released by Optimal Engineering Systems, Inc. (OES). Supplied with a standard 4 mm-per-turn ground lead screw, the AU200-200×200 Alignment Stages feature 200 mm (7.874 in.) of travel in both the X and Y axes. These low profile 80 mm (3.179 in.) high XY stages have a 250 mm x 250 mm (9.842 in. x 9.842 in.) open aperture.

Motion Control – New Multi-Axis Positioning System from MotiCont!

Motion Control - Multi-Axis positioning System -3 axes

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The Multi-Axis Positioning System is designed to allow direct coupling between the load and the drive motors. This feature eliminates backlash, allows for fast acceleration / deceleration, high speed operation while increasing the reliability.These systems are available with linear stepper and servo motors.


  • Zero Backlash
  • Long System Life
  • High Speed and Acceleration with Closed Loop Linear Three Phase Brushless Motors
  • Total Travel (typical): 10 in  (254 mm) by 10 in  (254 mm)
  • Working Area (typical): 10 in  (254 mm) by 8 in  (203 mm)
  • Peak Force:
    Linear Three Phase Brushless Motor: Up to 29 lbs (131 N)
  • Accuracy (typical)
    Closed Loop Three Phase Brushless Motor: 0.0001 in/ft (2.5µm/300mm ) – Encoder Dependent

Custom mounting patterns are available for easy integration with other machine components.

Two Axes Motion Control Robotic System
Two-Axis Servo Motor Positioning SystemTwo Axes Stepper Motor Positioning System from MotiCont

Two-Axis Stepper Motor Positioning System


Part No. Description Price
GXY-152-152-01 Two-axis Servo Motor Driven Positioning Gantry Stage, 6” (152 mm) by 4” (100 mm) Minimum Working Area, 6” (152 mm) by 6” (152 mm) Total Travel Call
GXY-254-254-01 Two-axis Stepper Motor Driven Positioning Gantry Stage, 10” (254 mm) by 8” (200 mm) Minimum Working Area, 10” (254 mm) by 10” (254 mm) Total Travel

Specifications in PDF

GXY-280-280-01 Two-axis Servo Motor Driven Positioning Gantry Stage, 11” (280 mm) by 11” (280 mm) Total Travel Call


Addition of Z-axis:

1) Linear Motor Actuators for high speed positioning

2) Lead Screw Driven Actuator

Part No. Description Price
Motorized Single-axis Stage with 36 mm of Travel Call
Motorized Single-axis Stage with 86 mm of Travel Call
Motorized Single-axis Stage with 136 mm of Travel Call


Customized solutions can be provided upon request.
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