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Motion Control – Large, Robust, Multifaceted, Customizable Cable Carrier

MC Series with 87 mm inner height – the new MC 1300.
Motion Control – Large, robust, multifaceted, and highly customizable

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The proven M Series has been expanded with a larger type. The MC 1300 is a very robust motion control cable carrier that can be used for short unsupported applications and extremely long travel lengths.

The optimized geometry of the side bars gives the cable carriers superior stability and long service life. Aluminum stays lower the abrasion of the cable jacket.

Cranes, factory automation, general mechanical engineering.

  MC Series Types

  MC  1300 Key Features
  • robust construction, suitable even for the toughest ambient conditions
  • available in 1 mm width increments for a custom fit  
  • long unsupported travel length  
  • gentle on the cables, strong low-friction aluminum stays
  • long service life from minimum hinge wear
  • can be quickly opened on the inside and outside radii for installation and service of cables and hoses
  • also highly suitable for applications where the carrier is installed on its side and for high transverse accelerations (dividers can be securely locked in place)
  • pivot point locking bolts make installing and adding or removing sections of track easy
  • wide variety of cavity partitioning and separation options for the cables and hoses
  • C-rail for mounting strain relief can be easily integrated into the end connector
  • replaceable glide-shoes extend system life in long-travel gliding applications

Type hi hG Inside widths Bi* Outside widths BK
min max
MC 1300 87 120 100 800 Bi + 50
Dimensions in mm

* Available in width increments of 1 mm
for a custom fit to any application.

Inside widths / Inside height

Link Pitch t = 130 mm

Bend radii KR
Available Bend Radii (KR) in mm
150 195 240 280
320 360 400 500


   More information on MC 1300

New Compact, Light, Quick to Assemble Cable Carriers from KabelSchlepp!


ompact, light, and quick to assemble cable carriers for motion control applications; now with press-through mounting brackets for the inside and outside radii.

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Until now, you have known our PROTUM Series as a small, light cable carrier for unsupported motion control applications..

Cable carrier PROTUM

The new mounting brackets for P 0160 and P 0240 with connecting surface on the outside radius, make assembly even easier and more efficient.

Connector for PROTUM
Mounting brackets with connecting surface on the outside for PROTUM P 0160 and P 0240

  • cables can also be pushed into the connector
  • integrated strain relief comb
  • available from stock

Connection dimensions

Connection dimensions PROTUM

Connection dimensions PROTUM
Bracket dimensions for Bi 15 and 20 mm
Connection dimensions PROTUM
Bracket dimensions for Bi 30 and 40 mm

Bracket Dimensions
dimensions in mm
Type Bi Bk bA d l1 l2 l3 hz hG
P 0160 15
Bi + 4 11
4.2 33.6 19.5 7.5 6.5 25
P 0240 20
Bi + 5 14
4.2 33.6 19.5 7.5 6.5 31

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Upgraded MICROTRAK 0180/0182 Series Motion Control Cable Carrier

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New and improved design results in lower price with higher performance

Already one of the quietest, lightest, smoothest running micro cable carriers on the market, KabelSchlepp’s cost-effective solid plastic cable carriers MICROTRAK 0180 and 0182 have been redesigned to make them even better. The new design was rolled out to all 0180/0182 types this year.

NEW MICROTRAK 0180/0182 Key Features
  • new design results in longer service life

  • allows greater unsupported lengths

  • can self-support larger additional loads

  • greater flexural rigidity

  • reinforced stroke system

  • available for immediate delivery from stock

MICROTRAK 0180with openable links
MICROTRAK 0182 with closed (non-opening) links

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Cavity width (Bi) dimensions of available width sizes in mm
Type Bi
NEW! 0180.10 / 0182.10 10 10
NEW! 0180.15 / 0182.15 15 15
NEW! 0180.20 / 0182.20 20 20
NEW! 0180.30 / 0182.30 30 30
NEW! 0180.40 / 0182.40 40 40
Subject to change

Motion Control – Floating Tow Arm for Long-Travel Cable Carriers From KabelSchlepp

Allows variation in alignment of the tow arm and carrier when traveling over long distances

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Misalignment between driven tow arm on the crane side and cable carrier cannot be avoided for crane systems with long travel paths. When using KABELSCHLEPP’s Floating Tow Arm carriage, there is no rigid connection between the driven connection of the cable carrier and the floating tow arm. Lateral offset and height offset are balanced.

  • Floating Tow Arm Connection
  • Floating Tow Arm Connection with
    SZL strain relief clamps
  • Floating Tow Arm shown in various possible operating positions.

MASTER SERIES Cable Carriers from KabelSchlepp

A robust, yet light cable carrier that is heavy on features & performance

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Key Features
  • Low intrinsic weight
  • Standard widths, individual widths on request in 1 mm sections for custom fit
  • Standard bend radii, custom bend radii on request
  • Internal dampers for pretension and radius strokes
  • Variable pretension
  • Modern design to suit your machine
  • Choice of 3 UMB brackets – all three types can be screwed in from the top, from underneath and also from the front as a flange

The MASTER range can be opened easily and without using special tooling – practical for the quick and straightforward insertion of cables in the carrier.

Type Inside Width
in mm
Outside Width
in mm
in mm
Pitch t
in mm
Bi min. Bi max. Bk min. Bk max. hi hg
L60 100 600 130 630 60 88 91
L80 100 700 130 730 80 110 111

Cable carrier MASTER

Standard bend radii dimensions in mm
Type Bend Radii
L 60 135 150 200 250 300 350 400 500
L 80 150 300 250 300 350 400 500

A smooth operator: The MASTER Series with stay & cover options

It hardly comes any more variable than this: the MASTER Series can either be used as an open style carrier (LC) or be fitted with an aluminum cover (LT) (even at a later date without any problem) or even be only partially covered. Thus in every case, these variations offer the ideal solution for any application:

Aluminium cover: Easy to clip-on Aluminium clip-on cover

Everything in its place:
The partitioning of the MASTER Series – the modular unit system

Whether you opt for the L 80 (internal height 80 mm), or the L 60 (internal height 60 mm) design, you can construct the internal separation options to meet your requirements perfectly:

The partitioning of the MASTER Series: the modular unit  system

  • Standard divider system without height subdivision
  • Divider system with plastic partition layers with fixed widths
  • Divider system with aluminum partition layers with variable widths
  • Twin dividers for layer partition systems: chambers which have already been horizontally divided with partition layers can also easily be divided vertically later.

UMB-Mounting Brackets
A variety of options for every installation situation

The new MASTER Series has 3 different universal connectors made of plastic: the optimum connection for every installation situation. Each of the 3 types can of course be screwed on from above, from underneath or from the front as a flange.

Mounting Bracket Variants
Standard connector Long connector, closed Short connector, open
Standard UMB Bracket Long UMB Bracket Short (open) UMB Bracket