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Motion Control – In today’s marketplace it is important for suppliers to broaden their reach and expertise in multiple industries. Hiring the right sales representatives can not only increase a company’s capabilities but provide additional services as well.

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Motion Control – Parvalux (by maxon), is the UK’s largest manufacturer of fractional horsepower, geared, electric motors. The company provides components and systems to OEMs worldwide in markets such as industrial automation, materials handling, and building automation.

Parvalux has recently teamed with Keller Industrial Products, Inc., headquartered in Rochester, NY USA. The experienced team at Keller has specialized in mechatronic applications for OEMS and advanced manufacturing sites since 1937. As business development professionals who focus on motion control automation applications, components, and accessories, the company provides expert representation in the industry.

Keller represents Parvalux and several other synergistic world-class manufacturers by providing on-site technical product and applications expertise to OEMs throughout New York State, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Maryland, Delaware, Northern Virginia, Washington DC, and West Virginia. The company representatives specialize in high-tech/high-touch products and services, providing local-to-the-customer technical sales and account management. Keller employs an experienced, turn-key sales force, allowing Parvalux to quickly reach a greater number of OEMs within a broad range of applications. “The Keller team is energized to assist our OEM customers in achieving greater value in their machine designs with Parvalux’s modular, customizable, high-quality product portfolio. We are in an era of automation not just of industrial processes, but commercial and consumer products, as well. Parvalux is a perfect fit for these markets.”, adds Vincent Nolan, Keller’s VP of Sales and an electrical engineer.

Parvalux (by maxon) provides product design, software systems, prototyping, testing, and production of a wide variety of motion control products. The company provides standard, semi-custom, and fully customized products ready for manufacturing and long-term deployment. The Parvalux team includes highly experienced engineers working with project managers and product specialists to ensure that the company remains at the cutting edge of electric geared motor design and manufacturing.

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The Swiss specialist for quality drives maxon is a developer and manufacturer of brushed and brushless DC motors, as well as gearheads, encoders, controllers, and entire mechatronic systems. maxon drives are used wherever the requirements are particularly high: in NASA’s Mars rovers, in surgical power tools, in humanoid robots, and in precision industrial applications, for example. To maintain its leadership in this demanding market, the company invests a considerable share of its annual revenue in research and development. Worldwide, maxon has more than 3000 employees at nine production sites and is represented by sales companies in more than 30 countries.

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