Motion Control – Open Frame Series of 18 Pull Type Solenoids with a 1 Inch Stroke Can Meet the Voltage, Duty Cycle, and Force Requirements of Many Applications!

Motion Control – Open Frame Solenoids

motion control - open frame solenoids
Motion Control – Van Nuys, CA – The S-18-100 Series of Open Frame Pull Type Solenoids from Magnetic Sensor Systems (MSS) includes 18 different solenoids to select from based on the Voltage, Duty Cycle, Attractive Force (up to 100 oz) and Stroke requirements of the user. MSS Solenoid coils typically utilize 23 to 40 AWG (American Wire Gauge) windings with Class “F” insulation for better protection of the solenoid during longer duty cycles.

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The S-18-100 Series solenoids are 1.000 in. wide x 0.84 in. high x 1.74 long and have a 1.00 stroke. The noncaptive plunger or actuator is 0.312 in. in diameter with a clevis end for load attachment.

A low friction brass guide and PTFE coating on the plunger assures exceptionally long life. For easy integration into new and existing applications, these solenoids feature 0.187 spade connectors and two 0.4 x 0.7 or 8-32 threaded mounting holes.

These clean, high efficiency, low cost, precise open frame solenoids can be operated at a variety of duty cycles (voltage dependent) and are the ideal choice for: Medical dispensing, mixing, valve control, disconnects, vending machines, farm machinery, transmission shifting, fire suppression systems, cabinet locks, door controls, and sorting equipment.

An application will dictate the selection of either an S-18-100LC2 or S-18-100LF2 solenoid.  The “C” in the S-18-100LC2 indicates the plunger ends and the mating stops are conical shaped, whereas “F” in the S-18-100LF2 indicates the shape of the plunger ends and stops as flat. The difference is realized when the two coils of the solenoids, connected in parallel, are supplied with 7.5 watts of power. The conical ends and mating stops of the S-18-100LC2 have a lower latching force (1.4 lb.) and a higher push/pull force (0.5 lb.) in comparison to the S-18-100LF2 with its high latching force (5 lb.) and lower push/pull force (0.3 lb.) Typical applications include: Valve control, office equipment, switch activation, clamping, positioning, games and toys, vending machines, and door locks.

About Magnetic Sensor Systems – Established in 1983, Magnetic Sensor Systems (MSS) designs and manufactures high quality motion control solenoidselectromagnetsdriving electronics and other types of electro-mechanical components for a variety of industries and applications.

Part of Magnetic Sensor Systems’ competitive advantage is its state-of the-art in-house manufacturing facility in North America.  Highly controlled processes, committed staff and extensive testing complement their product design strengths.   This enables Magnetic Sensor Systems to supply the most demanding clients from specialized small orders to high volume just-in-time deliveries.  Magnetic Sensor Systems is an ISO 90001:2015 certified company.

Through wise and aggressive use of their resources and technology, MSS has become recognized as one of the world’s leading solenoid manufactures with a global customer base.

An extensive line of standard products are ready to be shipped immediately from stock, however, when required, their highly trained design engineers, are always available to work with a customer’s design staff to augment or develop a custom product to fit the specific needs of the customer.

For additional information contact the Sales Team at Magnetic Sensor Systems, 6901 Woodley Ave, Van Nuys, CA 91406; Toll Free: +1 (888) 785-9444, Tel: +1 (818) 785-6244, E-Mail or visit the website at http://www.magneticsensor

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