Motion Control – Application Story – LM76’s JET Rail Linear Bearings and Engineering Exceed the Challenge!

Motion Control – JetRail Linear Bearings Application

Motion Control – Because LM76 understands workplace environments, manufacturing processes, and offers a complete line of linear bearing systems, LM76 was able to solve a problem and eliminate downtime!
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E. Longmeadow, MA –  Motion Control — When profile rail guides fail within a week bring production to a standstill LM76 was called on to supply a linear bearing system that would stand up under extreme conditions. This application story is not claiming that LM76 Jet Rail Systems are superior to profile rail guide systems. However, in this harsh environment the LM76 Jet Rail System proved to be the correct engineering option.

LM76 fully understands that to our customer, their problem is “the biggest” and “most pressing problem.” And that is the way we treat it! It is our mission at LM76 to ensure that customers get the best engineering advise possible and products to match. We make every effort to provide linear motion products that meet application challenges coupled with a level of service which is truly singular in our industry.

motion control lm76 bearing application

This lathe was originally outfitted with profile rail linear guides. Due to debris and an oily film, the profile rail blocks – with double scarper seal kits and a stainless cover – failed within one week. This lathe runs 24/7 – 365. There are several of these systems and when they go down production screeches to a halt.

Design engineer, Roger Conrad of Rogers’s Machinery was called to review the application and immediately called LM76. After going over all the operational details and reviewing photos of the failed profile rail system, it was determined that LM76’s JET Rail was the best candidate for the job.

motion control - linear bearing application
Debris build-up stripped the stainless protective cover off the rail exposing the block to further damage.





motion control - linear bearing replaces lathe ways



The end caps with scrapers where pryed away from the block due to debris building-up under the block.




motion control - jetrail bearing



LM76’s JET Rail Roller Block employs sealed-for-life cam followers allowing for high load capability, smooth motion and low friction. Because of it’s open design, it does not want to collect debris and the sealed cam followers ride over debris as opposed to storing it in ball races. Once the races load-up, the balls freeze, friction spikes and mechanical failure ensues. Rollers roll over debris, LM76 JET Rail Roller Block balls include it!



motion control - jetrail linear bearing


AccoBeryllium Copper Scrapers clear debris from the top, load carrying rollers.







Here you can see that the fully supported LMSA 12 (Rc60) x 191” shaft assemblies have replaced the linear guide rails. You will also note the printing roll which will be sprayed with a liquid tungsten that has been melted by an electrode moving along the lathe bed. The moving carriage is supported by 4 JRD12 OPN-S roller blocks with scrapers. Here you can see the electrode melting the tungsten wire (among other super hard materials) and spraying the liquid onto the roll. The spray head is moved along the length of the bed by a rack and gear system.

These rolls are used in the magazine printing machinery.

motion control linear bearing application

motion control jetrail bearing application











To further protect the roller blocks from the super hard debris – an oily mix (similar to a lapping compound) – a faceplate with wiper has been installed to the font of the roller block housing.

This application is a classic for JET Rail because the load is compressive, contamination is present and smooth running is required.

JET Rails have now worked continuously since October and show no signs of failure. If you need a linear motion solution, do what Roger Conrad did, call LM76.

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Founded in 1976, LM76 has been a leading designer/manufacturer of motion control linear bearings, slides and linear motion systems. LM76 is renowned for its industry leading Minuteman Teflon® Composite linear bearings. LM76 is a leading supplier of precision linear shafting: RC60, 300 Series Stainless Steel, and ceramic-coated aluminum shafting. LM76 also offers several FDA/USDA compliant linear bearings and slides for the food processing, pharmaceutical, medical, and packaging industries.

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