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Motion Control – Dual Feedback Voice Coil Positioning Stage!

Santa Clarita, CA —– Motion Control Components – The VCS20-020-CR-01-MC-F3K voice coil positioning stage has dual feedback capability. It can operate either under closed loop position control with force monitoring or closed loop force control with position monitoring. It uses H2W voice coil motor NCC20-18-020-1A to generate a continuous/peak force of 2.0 lbs [8.9 N]/6.0 […]

Motion Control – Low Cost, High Precision Linear Voice Coil Stages from Moticont!

Van Nuys, CA – Motion Control – Components -– Moticont’s VCDS-051-089-01 series linear motion control voice coil stages feature a voice coil motor, a ball bearing linear slide, home switch, and an integral optical quadrature encoder with differential outputs. Measuring 13.5 in (342.9 mm) long x 4.00 in. (101.6) wide x 3.755 in. (95.4 mm) […]

Motion Control – High Force Air Bearing XY Voice Coil Positioning Stage

This is a linear motion high force, high acceleration, voice coil driven, closed loop XY positioning stage with air bearings system. This minimizes the amount of friction as well as the pitch, yaw, and roll in the system. The stage is driven by three NCC moving coil type linear actuators and is guided by parallel air bearing […]

Motion Control – Hollow Core Linear Voice Coil Stages from MotiCont!

Van Nuys, CA – Motion Control – The high performance compact positioning voice coil driven linear stages are used in positioning applications where high speed, high acceleration or high accuracy is required. The hollow core motorized linear stages are fully self-contained. Each stage utilizes a voice coil motor, a linear carriage system, an optical quadrature […]

Motion Control – High Force Dual Voice Coil Positioning Stage!

Santa Clarita, CA — Motion Control- H2W introduces its highest force voice coil positioning stage to date. The voice coil positioning stage (P/N VCS12-2000-LB-01-C) is a closed loop system that can be used for high force positioning applications. The stage is driven by two NCC moving coil type linear actuators and is guided by parallel […]

Dual Head Voice Coil Positioning Stages feature: High Speed, Parallelism, and 0.1 Micron Resolution!

Santa Clarita, CA — Linear Motion Control – Dual Head Voice Coil Stages mounted on one set of precision parallel shafts, features high speed, high acceleration/deceleration, and 0.1 to 1.0 micron resolution. The VCS15-050-AB-LV-2 dual head voice coil positioning system (photo supplied), is a precision, two axis air bearing positioning system. Each linear voice coil […]

Motion Control – RVC-5 Rotational Voice Coil Motor- A New Standard for Rotational Voice Coil Stages!

Sunnyvale, CA, — Equipment Solutions, Inc. introduces the RVC-5 Rotational Voice Coil Motor, setting a new standard for rotational voice coil stages. It is an instrument with the extreme precision of a galvanometer and the compact size and reliability of a resonant scanner. The RVC-5 rotational voice coil motor creates “Rotational Translation” using a flexure […]

Motion Control – Laser Beam Steering Voice Coil Stage is Gold Plated!

Santa Clarita, CA — Gold plated Voice Coil Linear Positioning Stage designed for a laser beam steering application features high acceleration and high resolution. This high acceleration compact VCS Series stage from H2W Technologies has a stroke length of 25 mm (1.0 in.) and a positioning resolution of 1 micron (0.000004 in.) The low mass, […]

Voice Coil Driven Linear Motion Control Stage

New! Motion Control – Voice Coil Driven Linear Motion Stage From MotiCont – A Motion Company Van Nuys, CA – The Voice Coil Driven Linear Actuator is used in positioning applications where high speed and high accuracy are required. The stage may be used in the following industries; Semiconductor, Disk Drive, Automotive, Medical, Industrial, Optical, […]

Motion Control – High Speed, High Force, Sub-micron Positioning, Voice Coil Stage Features 20 mm Aperture!

Sunnyvale, CA, — High speed, high force, sub-micron, >300 nanometer (1.1811 10-6 in.) positioning resolution, cross roller voice coil stages are self contained, compact, and can be mounted in a horizontal or vertical axis. The high speed, 20 mm (0.7874 in.) travel, Equipment Solutions’ Motion Control VCS-2020 Voice Coil Stage features a 20 mm dia. […]

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