H2W and Galil Collaborate on a Fully Integrated Closed Loop Linear PositioningSystem!

H2W-Galil Motion Control VC StageWith the help of H2W Technologies, the engineering team at Galil Motion Control have released a new application note (Application Note #5495) titled: Connecting a Galil Controller & Drive to H2W Voice Coil Linear Actuator.

This application note will be helpful in achieving a high performance linear motion system that has the benefits of being easy to use and very reliable.

The application note covers the following:

– Properly connecting a voice coil positioning stage (VCS) to a Galil controller

– How to use Galil’s tuning software (Galil Tools) & Frequency Analysis Software (FAS) to properly tune stage PID parameters

– Sample Applications – Oscillation & Life Testing

H2W’s voice coil positioning stages are available as a standalone package or a full integrated closed loop motion control system.

Voice Coil Positioning Stage – VCS03-050-CR-001-C

Voice Coil Linear Positioning Stages are designed for a variety of short stroke and high velocity applications. They have a stroke lengths of up to 2.0 in. (50 mm), a continuous forces as high as 100 lbs (445 N) and a peak forces of up to 300 lbs (1335 N). They are ideal for short stroke closed loop positioning applications where intricate position, velocity, and acceleration control is necessary. They have a compact size that allow it to fit into small spaces. The stages have very low electrical and mechanical time constants. The low moving masses allow for high accelerations of light payloads. The iron-less core coil assembly has no magnetic attractive force to the stationary magnet assembly, which reduces the load on the bearing system, which increases the life of the bearing. There are no magnetic drag forces (hysteresis), which allows for higher accelerations. These actuators are wound in such a way that no commutation is required for motion to occur. Electrical devices such as Hall Effects are not necessary. The result is a much simpler and more reliable system.
Stroke: 0.25 in 6.4 mm
Continuous Force: 5 lbs 22.3 N
Peak Force: 15 lbs 66.8 N
Motor Constant: 1.38 lbs/√watt 6.14 N/√watt
Bearing Type: Cross Roller
Encoder Resolution: 0.1 Micron
Encoder Type: Magnetic
Moving Part: Coil Assembly
Motor P/N: NCC03-15-050-2X


Download: Application Note #5495

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