Engineering Magazine Covers Motion Control Technology and Its Creative Transfer in and out of Entertainment Applications

Entertainment Engineering is a magazine that covers hydraulics, pneumatics, electronics, software, and electromechanical motion-control technologies that are used in many types of entertainment devices and events such as movies, concerts, theme and amusement parks, electronic games, and racing and sporting events

Entertainment Engineering magazine, in conjunction with the information-strategy firm PALMATEC Solutions, has spent several years researching the needs and interests of the engineering reader. From that material, Entertainment Engineering was designed as a standard-format magazine, using full-page editorial items, standard-sized ads, and a simple online navigation system.

Co-founder Terry Persun explains why it was important to maintain the look and feel of a magazine at . “We felt that many web sites, especially the web sites of engineering magazines, are confusing to readers who may not easily identify which portions are editorial and which portions are purchased advertisements that are not subject to the scrutiny and integrity of editors,” says Persun. “That confusion is absent on our web site.”

“We had to alter our thinking about how to use the technology to advertise,” explains PALMATEC project manager Frank DePalma, “Standard ads are placed them in strategic locations within the issue. The site itself has no advertising on its search pages, navigation bars, etc.—and of course no annoying pop-ups.”

The digital magazine is easy to page through and familiar to look at just like a print magazine, but it also provides the added functionality of hypertext links for editorial and advertising items found on specific pages. Links are not listed one on top of another, but with the page that makes them significant, so the reader can quickly link to the information they want at the moment they want it.

Depalma adds, “We use the power of the Internet for our subscribers by providing only relevant links to the article content as well as to advertisers sites.”

Research conducted by Entertainment Engineering, Inc. and PALMATEC Solutions asked engineers what forms of entertainment they were interested in. That information helps guide the editorial content of the magazine, which provides a whole-brain approach to engineering with technical information for the left-brain functions and abstract thought processes for the right-brain functions.

The new magazine is now available free at The magazine format works through a browser and there is no need to download any additional software. However, readers can download a free pdf file from the web site if they prefer.

Whether you’re reading the hardcopy issue of Entertainment Engineering or the online version at, if you like what you see, register with us online and we will get each new issue to you as it becomes available. And please, let us know what we can add that will help you explore new ideas while having fun.

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